POP QUIZ: What goes incredibly well with Saturday mornings, College Football, and a 55 FOOT BIG screen TV showing all of the day’s games? Mimosas, of course!

And even better than that are $1 refills to boot!

Join us every Saturday morning for the best in college football (and a host of other sports feats!) on our BIG screen with $8 Kickoff Mimosas and $1 refills:

  • Classic — OJ & Champagne
  • Strawberry — Strawberry purée & Champagne
  • Prickly Pear — Prickly Pear & Champagne
  • Watermelon — Watermelon & Champagne
  • Huckleberry — Berries & Champagne

We call it MimoSaturdays, but really let’s just all say it together: Satur-YAY!

Check out our full Football Saturday & Sunday offerings under the MENU section — click on the “hamburger menu” button in the upper left-hand corner for our full menu as well as weekend offerings!