It’s April, which means it’s time to play ball with our new BALLPARK Burger & WALK-OFF TACO Pizza!

BALLPARK Burger — You like burgers? How about hot dogs? Yes and yes? We figured. But do you hate having to choose between the two? We thought so. Not anymore! Have the best of both worlds with our Ballpark Burger – we start with a perfectly cooked burger patty and top it with a grilled all-beef dog, add in all the fixings, and top if off with a brioche bun. It’s a double play of deliciousness!

WALK-OFF TACO Pizza — A four-bagger of flavor awaits you with our Walk-Off Taco Pizza! We start with a salsa base, taco beef and two kinds of cheeses, bake, and then top with lettuce, pico de gallo, chopped cilantro, and a perfect April shower of avocado cream sauce drizzled on top. A giant taco that you don’t have to worry about breaking apart in your hands?! Taco ‘bout awesome!

Hurry in  — as both of these creations are only available during the  month of April! No foolin’!

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